Hopshires Bottled Beer Competition

In 2015, brewing members of Hopshires will be able to enter a bottled beer for competition to determine the Hopshires Champion Bottled Beer. Qualifying beers will only use hops grown in the Hopshires region. The beers will be judged by a panel of hop growers, bottled beer shop owners and members of the public recruited by the Three Counties Showground with the champion beer being announced in the week of the Malvern Autumn Show, 26th & 27th September, at the Three Counties Showground.
Hopshires bottled beers will be on sale at the Hopshires stand in the Orchard and Hopyard Pavilion on the show weekend

We are supported by sponsorship from local businesses – Charles Faram & Co Ltd and Beerbods

Charles Faram is celebrating 150 years as merchants of hops and hop products. Based in Newland, Malvern, we sell the largest range of hops in the UK along with other brewing ingredients.With over 100 different varieties of hops to choose from, it provides an artist’s palette of flavours to create every type and style of beer. Faram’s also have a hop breeding programme where they are developing new varieties, to create an array of different flavor profiles and disease resistance. The new hops that have been bred by Charles Faram bring flavours to your beers such as apricot, peach, grassy, earthy, floral, spice, grapefruit, lychees, blackcurrant, orange, herbs, mango and passionfruit    http://www.charlesfaram.co.uk/

Beerbods is a local company using the power of the internet to help us all drink better beer.