Hop growing in the Hopshires

A hop farm in the HopshiresWe believe that the hops grown in the Hopshires – and the growers that produce them – are the best in the world. The region’s unmistakable hopyards feature lush green avenues of hopbines that loom over our valleys in the summer before seeming to disappear overnight when the hops are harvested in September and October.

Hops that are distinct to British beer – from venerable varieties such as Fuggles and Goldings through to newcomers including Sovereign and First Gold – are grown here. The nation’s brewers (and lovers of a pint of truly British real ale) therefore depend on a flourishing hop industry in this area.

Fortunately, growers in the Hopshires are early adopters of the cultivation techniques and hop varieties needed to meet the challenges that are likely to arise in the future.

However, to ensure that the region’s hopyards and hop-growing knowledge survives and thrives, we need to celebrate and support our hard-working hop growers. So raise a glass of great British beer, and drink to a successful future for hop growing here in the Hopshires.

Hopshires hop growers

Please note: We love that you love hops, but for reasons of safety and disease control, most farms do not allow visitors. So, to see Hopshires hops in action – and to taste the results – pay visit one of the many breweries that run tours.

Map showing the hop growers and breweries in the Hopshires

1: SJ Adams & Sons

Lower House Farm, Worcestershire

2: JH & GN Andrews

Whitehouse, Herefordshire

3: MH & L Andrews

The Townend, Herefordshire

4: RM, RC & A Capper

Stocks Farm, Worcestershire

5: HJ Davies & Sons

Walsopthorne, Herefordshire

6: MT & RJ Hancocks

Wyercroft Farm, Worcestershire

7: JS & CP Hawkins

Claston Farm, Herefordshire

8: JS & SA Hawkins

Thinghill Court, Herefordshire

9+10: Hawkins Farming

Millend Farm, Herefordshire

The Farm, Herefordshire


Brook House Farm, Worcestershire

12: ER Lane & Sons

Old Court, Herefordshire

13: EL Lewis & Son

The Haven, Herefordshire

14: T Lewis

Upper House, Worcestershire

15: TR Morris

Burford Mill Farm, Worcestershire

16: Newnham Farms

Newnham Bridge, Worcestershire

17: Okells Organics

Bargains Farm, Herefordshire

18: SJ Parker

Instone Court, Herefordshire

19: HG Pennington & Son

Lulham Court, Herefordshire

20: RB Phillips

Eggleton Court, Herefordshire

21: JM Probert & Sons

Church House Farm, Herefordshire

22: C & R Pudge

Brooks House, Herefordshire

23: GW & EA Powell-Tuck

Pridewood Hops, Herefordshire

24: JC Pudge

Frogend, Worcestershire

25: E Thompson

Pixley Court, Herefordshire

26: G Thompson

Little Lambswick Farm, Worcestershire

27: J & T Walker

Tedney Farm, Worcestershire

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